Food and Beverages

Baobar – Café, bar and dairy restaurant

The café that enjoys all worlds – overlooking a large lawn with the Kibbutz’s two oldest baobab trees on one side, and the magical primordial landscape of the Dead Sea and Moab Mountains on the other. The café is named for the baobab tree planted in the middle of its deck, providing shade and exotic beauty and blurring the lines between the fabricated and natural environment. The Baobar menu consists of natural, simple and quality ingredients, many of which are the herbs that grow in the surrounding botanical garden.

Various bands perform at the restaurant on Friday evenings, presenting assorted genres, including folk, blues, Israeli songs and more.

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday, 10:00-23:00 | Saturday 10:00-23:00 | The kitchen is open between 13:00-22:00

Food and Beverages

Hotel Restaurant

The hotel restaurant offers an open, rich, fresh and indulgent buffet.

Our breakfast is known for its wide variety of prepared salads, sliced vegetables, eggs of choice, various hot, zesty and sweet dishes, a large dessert bar and many other treats that will guarantee that your morning starts with a smile in an indulgent atmosphere. At dinner, we serve a rich meat buffet with a huge assortment of fresh and tasty dishes, a large salad bar, quality dessert bar and more.

Guests with special sensitivities or requests are welcome to contact one of the staff members.

The hotel restaurant is run by Chef Arthur Gadilov