Yonit Beauty & Art

I love to discover and create beauty wherever I am. This love has led me to establish Yonit Beauty & Art. I have gathered everything that I have learned over the years and combined them in a place that is all about beauty, giving and creation. My inspiration comes from my travels around the world, from the wonderful landscape I live in, from books, photos, works of art and, most of all, the nature that surrounds me.

What you will find at Yonit Beauty & Art:

  • Boutique – Clothing, jewelry, household artifacts and more
  • Clinic – Natural cosmetic treatments
  • Indigo workshops – Unique creative workshops

Feel free to contact me for more information and to schedule a visit to the shop, workshop or a cosmetic treatment. Yonit Shamir: +972-52-363-0145.


Clothing, jewelry, household accessories, cosmetics and more. The product line is natural, organic, inspired by nature and made entirely of the highest quality materials. The shop is in the Kibbutz, near Mt. Zruya and the Mitzpeh Arugot Club. You can easily located it on Google Maps. It is best to call and schedule your visit in advance at +972-52-363-0145.

Natural Beauty Treatments

The beauty treatments are based on natural materials like silk, algae, plant extracts, natural oils, vegetable and fruit-based masks and more. The treatments are healthy, mild, pleasant and effective. They are personally customized to your needs and to the seasons of the year. In the winter, we will complete the treatment with a hot oil facial massage and, in the summer, we will provide a cool and soothing massage. After each treatment, I will offer tips and recommendations for further care at home, based on your lifestyle and preferences.

Treatments include: Treatment for acne, anti-aging, “Joy and Firming” – which includes the insertion of firming materials, silk-based treatment for older skin and more. The treatment type will be determined individually based on your skin type, needs and more.
I have been a cosmetician for ten years, combining my knowledge, experience and the various techniques that I acquired over the years.

Creative Workshops – Indigo

The creative workshops center on preparing products with indigo, a dye originally derived of the Indigofera articulate, which grew in Ein Gedi and now grows in the botanical garden. We will use the Japanese Shibori technique, including tie-dyes and looping, using natural materials to create various patterns.

Individual Indigo Workshop

An exciting journey after the indigo dye, which is derived of a plant growing in Ein Gedi and was used in ancient times.
The journey begins in the heart of the Ein Gedi Botanical Garden, observing the Indigofera articulate and the ancient village of Ein Gedi, where the plant grew 200 years ago. From there, we will go on to the workshop itself, where you will prepare various fabric products using indigo and applying the Japanese Shibori technique. Throughout the workshop, you will be served tea made of the garden herbs and dates.

Workshop duration: ~60 minutes.

Suitable for small groups (up to 6 people)

Group Indigo Workshops

The workshop is conducted throughout the Ein Gedi Botanical Garden or even at your home throughout the country, offering an experience of working with different colors, fabrics and accessories found in nature, applying different methods, all in a personal and pleasant atmosphere. You will create various fabric products – bags, scarves, fabric bookmarks and more, which you will paint in various colors applying various techniques.

Workshop duration: ~90 minutes.

Suitable for groups, private events, company fun days and more.

Please note: Creative workshops are often conducted at the hotel, at no cost. Feel free to ask Reception about the upcoming workshops.
For details and scheduling: Yonit Shamir, +972-52-363-0145 |
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