Trips around the Dead Sea and Judean Desert

Arugot Stream

The Arugot Stream is one of the only two streams at the center of the Judean Desert in which water flows all year round. It is a unique nature reserve that combines sweet water with the arid desert abutting one of the saltiest sites in the world. This combination creates a unique oasis, serving as a rare habitat for flora and fauna.

While pleasantly walking along the marked trails, you will reach pools for you two dip in. You may also meet residents of the region – ibexes and rock hyraxes.

We suggest that you start your excursion early, as the reserve opens, so you can enjoy the early hours during which it is relatively empty and the animals are more active. Afterward, you can go further into the stream, stop at various stations, like the hidden waterfall, wade in the water and reach the upper pools.

Don’t forget to take a hat, water, shoes for walking in water, a bathing suit and, of course, a camera.

Tour duration

2-4 hours



Admission fee?



Near Ein Gedi, right on Rte. 90 about 5 minutes after Mitzpeh Shalem.