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Mt. Sodom

Mt. Sodom is located on the southern part of the Dead Sea basin. The mountain itself is lump of salt created ~20,000 years ago. Due to the solubility of the salt, which comprises the mountain’s ground, the upper layers dissolved, replaced by a 40m layer of sediment consisting of gravel, stones and various minerals.


Qumran is an archeological site overlooking the northwestern part of the Dead Sea and it is famous mainly for the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Deir Hajla Monastery

Deir Hajla is an active Greek Orthodox monastery near Kibbutz Beit Ha’Arava, north of the Dead Sea. The monastery is dedicated to St. Gerasimus of the Jordan, who founded a site for reclusive monks during the Byzantine Age.

Moonlight Trips

For thousands of years, the water and wind etched the soft marlstone near Masada into giant, beautiful and impressive statues.

Ein Tzukim

The lowest nature reserve in the world, also known as Ein Feshkha (the Broken Spring), located at the northern part of the Dead Sea.

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