Trips around the Dead Sea and Judean Desert

David Stream

One of the most beautiful streams in the Dead Sea area, presenting a series of waterfalls beginning 200m above sea level at the Dead Sea shore, 400m under seal level.

The stream is named after David, who fled to Ein Gedi and hid in the stream when running from King Saul. Today, it is the most popular reserve in Israel with thousands of visitors every year. If you arrive early, you will also meet the animals that congregate every morning to drink from the stream – ibexes, rock hyraxes and more. The first part of the stream was made accessible several years ago and it can now conveniently serve people with walking disabilities.

The trip through the stream presents an amazing view of the Dead Sea, waterfalls and streams. There are several fun routes available:

  • Lower level – From the reserve gate to David Stream and back. ~90 minutes.
  • Middle level – From the reserve gate to David Waterfall, up to Ein Gedi Spring and Dudim Cave at the top of the waterfall, and back down to the reserve gate. ~3 hours.
  • Upper level – From the Ein Gedi Field School to the dry canyon and Ein Gedi spring and down to where the stream flows. ~5 hours.

We recommend the lower level for families with children.

Walking through the beautiful stream, you will come across wild animals (in the summer, you will be able to see a herd of ibexes grazing at a nearby pasture and many rock hyraxes), you can peer into ancient burial caves of the Hellenistic period, wade in the cool water and learn about the unique plants, such as the large Calotropis Procera trees, acacia, Christ’s thorn jujubes, southern maidenhair ferns and more. There is a kiosk and souvenir store at the entrance to the stream.

Tour duration

1-5 hours (depending on the trail)



Admission fee?



Near Ein Gedi, right on Rte. 90 about 5 minutes after Mitzpeh Shalem.