What goes on in nature


Sinkholes are holes that suddenly appear in the ground and can be dozens of meters deep. Sinkholes occur when the Dead Sea level drops, making room for fresh groundwater to flood places that were once filled with seawater, dissolving the subterranean salty layer caused by the sea’s receding banks.

Sinkholes are currently subject of extensive monitoring and cautionary signs are posted wherever there is a risk of them appearing. So long as you follow and obey the signs, you will be safe. Sinkholes are indeed a horrible natural disaster, but they create a very impressive landscape – sinkholes by the sea fill up with water in various shades – ranging from rusty brown to turquoise blue, based on its composition.

The sinkholes slightly further from the shore create a unique crater landscape. There are several lookout points for observing the sinkholes without getting near them.