Trips around the Dead Sea and Judean Desert

St. George’s Monastery

St. George’s Monastery is located near Mitzpeh Jericho, neighboring the mountain and decorated with green palms. It is currently populated by monks who live and work there.

A Greek Orthodox Church characterized by a unique and tranquil desert atmosphere, with wall paintings dated to the 5th and 6th centuries, an observation point to the water aqueducts and an old flourmill, a waterfall flowing over the stone and a giant black cross embedded in a stone structure.

According to the legend, Virgin Mary’s father sat on one of the stones by the monastery when he experienced an epiphany. An angel appeared before him and told him that he would be the father of the woman who would give birth to Jesus.

The monastery underwent many transformations – it was first established in the 5th century and was later expanded by a monk, Gorge of Choziba, after whom the monastery is named. The monastery was destroyed by the Persians in 614, but it was restored 50 years later for the crusades. It was destroyed again and then restored and occupied by monks of the Greek Orthodox Church in the 19th century.

The monastery is divided into three floors: The first floor serves the church and has a balcony overlooking the breathtaking view, the bell tower is on the second floor and the monks’ storage areas and tombs are on the third.

Tour duration

4 hours


Easy, except for the climb at the end, which can also be done with donkeys (for a fee).

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Near Mitzpeh Jericho