A unique experience of health and tranquility

Synergy Spa

Synergy means the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. We have found the spot with the most beautiful, perfect view. One of the few points where you can see at a glance the magical aspects of the Dead Sea, the Ein Gedi Reserve and the Judean Desert. A wonderful combination of blue, green and brown. Nature has contributed its part with air saturated with oxygen and bromine, the Dead Sea water rich in minerals and the kind of silence that can only be found in the desert.  We have built an architectural structure that on the one hand gives respect to the surrounding landscape, and on the other hand is an architectural gem in itself.

We have brought in the best, most professional and amiable therapists, and put together a treatment menu that answers all requests and desires, from traditional treatments that are thousands of years old to the most innovative treatments. We have created a ‘synergy’.

We invite you to come and complete it.

  • Indoors: Heated Dead Sea water pool
  • Dry sauna
  • Turkish bath
  • Free refreshments throughout the day
  • 12 treatment rooms
  • Outdoors: Fresh water pool

9:00-18:00 every day of the week

Download the treatment menu, here

The entrance to the Synergy Spa is free of charge for hotel guests

  • Entrance fee to the spa 300 ILS
  • Booking a treatment up to 450 ILS, entrance at a discounted price – NIS 150
  • Booking a treatment 450 ILS or more – no entrance fee.

Entry to the spa is only allowed from the age of 16.
For more information including booking treatments, call us on: 08-6594058 | 08-6594059 | 08-6594060 or write to us: synergyspa@ein-gedi.co.il