Trips around the Dead Sea and Judean Desert

Mt. Sodom

Mt. Sodom is located on the southern part of the Dead Sea basin. The mountain itself is lump of salt created ~20,000 years ago. Due to the solubility of the salt, which comprises the mountain’s ground, the upper layers dissolved, replaced by a 40m layer of sediment consisting of gravel, stones and various minerals.

The area invites you to discover caves, crevices, a flour cave, marlstones and primordial landscapes linking the present to the region’s ancient past.

A trip to Mt. Sodom and Amiaz Plain is a feast for the eyes and soul. The marlstone and primordial landscape unfolding before you will guarantee an exciting and unique trip that cannot be found anywhere else in Israel. Mt. Sodom’s caves are known for their uniqueness, including the Malcham Cave, which stretches over 5.5 Km and is considered the longest cave in Israel.

The trip includes walking in Peratzim Stream, under the marlstone, water etched with natural and unique paintings. Children will immediately begin looking for familiar shapes. From there, you will continue to the flour cave, to Amiaz Plain and an observation point of the captivating desert landscape.

Tour duration

2-4 hours



Admission fee?



Southern Dead Sea, south of Neveh Zohar